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Containerland – PaCCS Fest



By Lalo Cruces


23- 29 April 2018


All day


44AD Artspace,
4 Abbey St, Bath BA1 1NN
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Containerland 01, Lalo Cruces at PaCCS Festival, Bath


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We can observe some references to another contemporary artist like Pierre Mondrian, as well as other great Spanish masters like Diego Velazquez or Francisco de Goya. Can “the dream of the reason” rest on a container? Can “La rendicion de Breda” show between two metallic monsters? the answer is in “Containerland”, a Lalo’s artistic project traveled to Taipei.

Big containers returning to the country that was “the world factory”.

Lalo’s ‘Containerland” project, which amazed crowds in Taipei, emerges from the artist’s fascination for maritime containers understood as a metaphor or nowadays global economy. Mixing surrealism, irony and repeated images of pop-art style, Lalo invites the audience to reflect about the problems related to over exploitation of the planet, mass consumption, global commerce, and contamination. These concepts remain constant across Lalo’s artwork.

Through the mechanical repetition of the image and the use of irony, Lalo’s paintings depict a surreal imagery typically found in pop-art and proposes a reflection about the over-exploitation of the planet to serve consumerism.

Containerland consists of 12 paintings, most of which are now sold. Mixing acrylics with other modern techniques such as stencils or graffiti, this figurative series are connected with street art.

Apart from the obvious influence of Warhol’s style in this project, we can find allusions to other contemporary artists such as Pierre Mondrian (the Dutch pioneer of abstract art) or some of the greatest masters of Spanish art: Diego Velázquez and Francisco de Goya. Can “The Sleep of Reason” rest on a container or “The Surrender of Breda” show up between massive containers? The answer to these questions can be found in Lalo’s artwork.

At PaCCS, we believe Containerland is an ideal project to build a bridge between modern art and the wave of migrant shelters made of shipping containers that opened up in Calais back in 2015-2016 to serve as the home for the refugees. Idea still being explored by designers and architects across the world nowadays.


Containerland, Lalo Cruces at PaCCS Festival, Bath


Graduated from the Zaragoza Art School (Spain) he has his own interior design company, Cruces Studio where he combines design and art as an essential point of his interventions. Since his early beginnings, he has participated in both solo and collective exhibitions. Since 2013 he has also been the curator of several exhibitions.Of a figurative style but with constant touches of magical realism, he bases his artistic practice on daily experiences and materials and elements that, as an artist and designer, transmit a certain beauty, from an individual or collective perspective or even as part of an artistic space.His work is versatile, incorporating other artistic styles such as Street-Art with both interior and outside murals in public/private spaces or international art festivals. His constant interaction between design and art has led him to work in many other areas aimed at transforming space such as performances and installation in galleries and museums.He won an important national young prime in 2015 and currently, he is collaborating with Fish Gallery (Taiwan) as the first European artist represented by them with the Containerland series for Young Art Taipei and Kaohsiung International Art Fair.


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44AD Artspace, 4 Abbey St, Bath BA1 1NN