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The long way home – PaCCS Fest

The long way home



By David Molina Gadea


19 – 29 April 2018


All day


The Holburne Museum (back garden), Great Pulteney St, Bath BA2 4DB
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The Long Way Home reflects on the long journey that refugees across the world undertake when they decide to leave their homes in pursuit of a new place to call “home”.

It’s normally the wealthiest, luckiest or strongest ones who reach the end of their journey: Europe.

Most of the time, Europe is not a straight forward reward, but the beginning of a second, and sometimes longer, journey. This is the “other reality” David’s collection of images aims to show. A story that goes beyond the usual representations of the ongoing European refugee crisis.

The process for claiming asylum in Europe can be a long and complex one that can last from months to years, consisting of several stages which make refugees slip into a state of apathy and boredom while trying to carry on with their lives in places that hardly meet minimum living standards. David’s photographs serve as a window to this reality; showing us what refuges do when they finally get to Europe.

The truth is that many refugee centres are increasingly turning into big “waiting rooms” where, as if it were a game of chance directed by the bureaucracy, refugees await decisions on their asylum applications. An agonisingly endless wait to find out whether the door to Europe is officially open to them or not; sometimes to face the ugly truth of repatriation.

This bitter reality is portrayed in David’s black and white images, which focus on ‘waiting’ times in the playgrounds, by campfires and surroundings of the camps as young refugees carry on with their daily lives.

Project shortlisted for the Gomma Grant 2016!

The Long Way Home was published in the Migration Issue of the British Journal of Photography in September 2016.


David Gadea Molina at PaCCS Festival


Born in Tarragona on 30 October of 1991, David studied Arts in Massana School from 2009 to 2012 where he found his way of expression and started exploring photography.

Shortly after, he started collaborating with some Catalan local newspapers and the City Council of Sant Cugat del Vallès -city where he is currently is based on- as well as with other cultural organisations and companies.

In 2015, David embarked on a year-long placement at several refugee centres in Belgium as part of the European Voluntary Service (EVS). This experience gave raise to his work “The Long Way Home”, which was published in the British Journal of Photography’s September 2016 issue and was exhibited at the City University of New York that same year. He reached the final in Burn Magazine’s 2015 Emerging Photographer Fund and was shortlisted for the renowned Gomma Photography Grant award in 2016.


  • David Gade at PaCCS Festival, bath
    The long way home
  • Lalo Cruces at PaCCS Festival, Bath
  • Sebas Kurtis


The Holburne Museum, Sydney Gardens, Bath, UK